25 First Birthday Themes and Ideas For Boys

The Importance of Party Decoration to Make the Event a Success

It is extremely crucial to undergo proper Party decorations in order to make an event look fascinatingly beautiful and appealing before the guests and invitees. It is not only a wedding ceremonial party or a bachelor one that they organize and arrange.

Brilliant Stag Weekend in Nottingham

If you want a successful stag weekend think of Nottingham. The place has taken stag weekends to new heights of brilliance all together. It has an intoxicating cocktail of bars, clubs and some of the coolest activities.

How to Throw a Sweet 16 Party on a Budget

A sweet 16 birthday is a very important milestone in a girls life. This is the time when a young girl comes into woman hood. Sweet 16 birthdays are celebrated all over the world, are famous on television, and even have songs written about the occasion! Here we will help you plan a sweet 16 party on a budget.

Factors to Consider in Having a Successful Outdoor Event

When you say outdoor event, it touches a wide meaning of outdoor events, it can be graduation, birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even a simple outdoor family gatherings. You can choose the best venue for your upcoming outdoor event. You can set up at the beach, your garden, patio or deck, hotel lawn and swimming pool.

Simple But Fun Gatherings

Are you planning an entertaining outdoor party this weekend? This is the perfect time to set your garden for the said gatherings. Before you can set and rearrange the existing set up and decoration, you need to identify your objectives. These include the purpose of the party, the number of people invited as well.

21st Birthday Ideas With A Twist

The 21st birthday marks an important milestone – the final gateway into adulthood. So it only seems right that anyone celebrating this exciting date should do so in style. So whether it’s a city break with friends, an all expenses day of shopping and pampering or even a glitzy bash for friends and family, how are you going to spend your 21st?

80’s Party Entertainment Ideas – How A Dusty Old Atari And A Beat Up Nintendo Took Our Guests Back!

So you want to throw an spectacular 80’s themed party for the ages. Right? One of the coolest things I kept hearing when we threw our 80’s party was “I totally forgot about that!” That’s when I realized…

Spending Important Occasions Outside The House

There are lots of occasions that people spend with their friends and family. The most common way to spend these occasions is by going out to eat in various restaurants or organize party in different venues like resorts, hotels and restaurants. Of course these places make the event special and memorable but we have to face it, celebrating in these grandiose places are also expensive and can hurt our pockets a lot.

Party Planning: How to Decide Upon the Right Amount of Alcohol

Alcohol is an important element in party planning. It adds a subtle craziness and romance to the party and makes the guests feel relaxed and enlivened. However, as a double-edged sword, too much use of alcohol can be not only money-consuming but also detrimental to the health of the guests.

Simple Tips for Ni Hao Kai Lan Birthday Invitations

If you don’t know who Ni Hao Kai Lan is, just ask your kid. This simple Chinese – American cartoon character has captured the imagination of preschool kids like never before. Such high popularity means that a Ni Hao Kai Lan Birthday Invitations makes for a great theme for your kid’s birthday party.

The Best Places For A Hen Party

Most brides-to-be would have their hen party with specific hen party accessories and outfits. Or this involves a make-believe game, which, in order to have any credibility at all, should be played in settings to match.

Tips in Giving Gifts During Engagement Parties

Engagement happens when the boy surprises his girlfriend with a diamond ring. Different strategies are placing the ring in his girlfriend’s wine glass, kneeling in front of her girlfriend opening a small box with the ring or asking the waiter to hand the bill pouch to her girlfriend with the ring. Of course, if the girl likes the idea and loves the boy so much, she will then say “Yes!” with some tears in her eyes.

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