Beautiful Disney princess birthday themes and decor ideas

5 Steps To Amaze Your Guests With A Flower Kitty Party Theme

Now that I am quite excited with the success of my party, I am dying to share with you the easy steps that you can take to organize a memorable flower-based party. Typically there are five main steps: invitation, room decor, dress code, games and food.

Cabanas: An Ultimate Poolside Luxury

If we look back in the gone decades, we find that people used to set up cabanas on poolside areas, as a storage to stock the essential pool maintenance kits. In fact, there are many, if not most, who still store diverse tools and accessories in these poolside shelters. However, if we gaze at the current booming trend, we find that cabanas of today are not really a storage space. These spaces, nowadays, are being broadly used as a poolside ‘temporary’ room, where small group of guests (10-15 people) can gather, and enjoy the amazing views of the poolside party, while sipping their drink and chitchatting with their peers.

Making The Best Uses Of Party Furniture Rental

Party decoration must be done according to the event, occasion and the guests who are invited. Take a tour of the article to understand the fundamental rules of a party decor.

Entertainment Options for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Video games’ party- if your kid is at the age where video games are his life and all he and his friends like to do when they get together is have a friendly match, this is the perfect option for your kid. With an array of customised video gaming booths, the boys and the girls are bound to go gaga over this arrangement.

An Overview of Cocktail Parties

Having a cocktail party is an excellent way of getting friends, colleagues and even business associates together in an informal laid back environment. The idea is to encourage guests to come together and enjoy some drinks handed out by an expert bartender, or the host. An informal get together can substitute for a formal dinner or reception.

Tips for Planning Amazing Private Events

Planning private events can often seem overwhelming. With great organization and planning, however, it can be a breeze. Read on for some tips.

The Best Children’s Birthday

There comes a point in every parent’s life where they have to plan a fascinating birthday party for their little ones. Many parents find this as an opportunity to enjoy their child’s childhood and the memories associated with it, while many find it daunting as they are not really sure how to plan it.

How Furniture Arrangements of Weddings, B’day Parties and Events Differ

Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, pieces of furniture and how they are arranged plays a pivotal role in refining charm of the venue. While furniture options are present in a wide variety, there is always a great confusion among the organizers which piece to choose and which not to. And, to make the perfect, soothing arrangement, it is paramount to deploy the best decors and furnishings as per the occasion, requirements, and the theme of the event.

Cool and Easy Ideas for Dinner Parties at Home

Games, music, drinks, and small talk are secondary in a dinner party. What should dominate is food. Often people overlook this and make merry-making their primary concern. Food is the reason that people even attend dinner parties. Get together parties with friends are one thing but like Kurt Cobain articulated it – friends are just known enemies.

Mom’s And Mother In Laws: Hen’s Or Not?

I love a good hen party, the fun the excitement and the real bonding experience between hens who want nothing more than a good laugh, what’s not to love? Whether it’s your own, you’re the maid of honour or you’ve been invited along, from the wildest night out to the most relaxed weekend away to an understated day time event, you name it it’s been done. As an experienced hen party planner I’ve love nothing more than seeing a group have some real fun but what surprises me is that to this day, the guest list can sometimes be very questionable.

How To Stop Throwing Boring Birthday Celebrations

You can get your birthday parties roaring again when you begin to think outside the box. Getting out of the boring rut of partydom could merely mean throwing the next birthday bash at a venue that reflects celebrator’s interest, introduces them to a new activity or art form, or exposes them to a new culture.

The Cost of a Kid’s Birthday Party

Do you hate being stuck in the kitchen, never get to talk to your guests or are just so exhausted by the time your kid’s party starts that you just want it to be over? Would you rather outsource everything so you can enjoy yourself, socialize and take photos of the kids having fun? This guide will tell you what it will cost you to sit back and relax at your next kid’s birthday party. However, it’s not for the do it yourself queens, domestic goddesses or thrifty mums!

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