Birthday Party Ideas for 50th Birthday Themes

Plan the Perfect After Party

Have you ever been to one of those wedding receptions that could be best described as terrible, boring, and dull? Don’t have that happen to you on your wedding night! Plan an evening that your guests will remember fondly forever that is affordable for you, fun for them, and is better than watching a bunch of people eat baked chicken or prime rib.

10 Things Not To Do When Throwing A Great Adults Party (There’s More To It Then Adult Party Bags)

Find out about the top ten things you really don’t want to do when throwing a great adults party. Make sure that your next adults party is talked about for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons!

Build Your Event Using Tent Rentals

Not only used for protection against the elements, tent rentals supply an instant venue for festivals, weddings, concerts, parties, trade shows, sporting events, ceremonies, fashion events and more. Planning: As special event planners, tent rentals give you the freedom to design an open space suited to the event’s size and purpose, the number of people attending and the structures essential to the event. Tents allow you to set up and lay out the event according to your needs, without the confines of a traditional roof top venue.

Why Not Wedding Tent Rentals?

Your wedding: More than just one of the most important days of your life. It is an event that will take priority in your thoughts for years to come. The words “I do,” and the vows you share will tie your futures together.

Score a Winning Touchdown With These Super Bowl Party Ideas

Are you planning to host a Super Bowl party for those football fans in your life? Let a fellow hip chick hostess help you score a winning touchdown with an impressive event that’s sure to be talked about just as much as the championship team!

How to Be an Effective Host

Everyone enjoys a good party, but anyone who has hosted one will tell you that it can be stressful and potentially no fun for the host. However, this need not be the case. There is no need for you not to have a good time at an event that you have spent time and money organizing and, most importantly, one that you have invited your close friends and family to. By following these three useful tips you will be well on your way to throwing a party that both you and your guests will enjoy.

How To Organise A Vintage Style Tea Party

Vintage style tea parties are fashionable and fun, and remarkably easy to organise. Simple ways are suggested to create the atmosphere of a vintage style tea party without the formality once associated with afternoon teas of a bygone age.

Karting Parties, for the Ultimate Celebration

When beginning to plan a party for a special occasion of any kind we all want something unique, something that will provide endless fun for all the friends and family and something that wont cost a fortune. For a party with a difference why not plan a karting party? For birthdays, anniversaries or hen and stag parties, karting is the perfect activity.

Elegant Party Favors Preparation – Making the Tedious Task Easier

Much has been spoken and written about how to arrange parties, what kind of supplies should be bought, how to procure discounted stuff. Well, even we are going to talk about something related to parties, but something that has not been discussed about as frequently as the other party stuff. Ever thought of party favors?

Fun, Easy and Inexpensive Games for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Searching for some fun, easy and inexpensive kid’s party games? Here’s some party games that your kids will love. Plus, you probably already have all the supplies you need.

Fantastic Valentines Day Party Games

Valentines Day is traditionally about young (and not-so-young) lovers showing their affection for each other, but it can also be a special day for showing your love to your friends and family. Why not plan a party for them to experience the depth of your love with these fantastic Valentines Day party games?

Interactive Murder Mystery Games And Turn-Based Mystery Games

This article takes a look at the differences between interactive murder mystery games and turn-based mystery games. In particular it considers what are the advantages and disadvantages of each format.

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