Carousel Birthday Theme – DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas

Choosing the Right Food for a Birthday Party

Choosing what children will eat at the birthday party is as important as deciding on the decorations and what type of entertainment to have. This is not the time to try out that new recipe that you had wanted to test and it also isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on food from the shops. Just because it is a birthday party doesn’t mean that children will eat more than what they usually do at meal times.

LEGO Star Wars Party Supplies – Ideas To Help Organize A Truly Galactic Party

Organizing a fantastic Lego Star Wars themed party is not as difficult as you may think. With a little imagination and clever planning you organize a really special party that your little Jedi Knights will love. There are some amazing Lego Star Wars party supplies available that will really set the tone for your party.

Top Tips for Hiring a Children’s Entertainer and Organiser for Your Kids Birthday Party

Does the following sound familiar? I have run out of party ideas!

Celebrate the Human Body With a “Clothes-Free” Beach Party

It’s all about casting off your inhibitions and celebrating the human body as an object of beauty, a source of pure energy and a chassis built for fun! There’s not much difference between a “nude beach” party and any other beach party other than the attire.

Ten Top Tips on How to Choose the Right Kids Entertainer

Kids entertainers are very popular and you want to make sure that you pick the correct one, after all your son / daughter’s birthday is only once a year and you don’t want it to be a disaster. Here are ten of my top tips to guide you through the process.

What Fancy Dress Costume Most Suits You?

Putting on a fancy dress can be a great idea in parties, especially Halloween parties. But here the most difficult part is to choose the costume which suits you the most. Fancy dress costumes are nowadays available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Great Ladybug Party Supplies for Your Child’s Birthday Party

It is natural that every parent will do everything to make their child’s birthday party the best. Careful and advance planning of each detail is very important. It all starts with the theme, invitations, party supplies, balloons, party give-away, birthday cake and even the birthday celebrant’s costume or dress. All these need careful consideration that it would take at least a month or more to prepare for the upcoming birthday celebration.

Create A Vintage Royal Wedding

With the immanent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, The Kings Speech sweeping the OSCARs and Madonna about to go into production for her forthcoming film featuring King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, this summer is the perfect time to stage your own vintage Royal Wedding. Or why not go for a Union Jack themed wedding which is tremendous fun and will go down a storm with guests.

Stocking Your Bar

I started out with my first bar probably the same way most beer enthusiasts do. We build the bar and then stock it full of beer. That’s all there is to it. How wrong we were…

Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

If you are dreaming of having a party that is inspired by Hawaiian luau theme, you must be imagining coconut trees, waves crashing on white sand beach and suntan girls in hula skirts. Since you might not be able to get away to a tropical paradise, the following Hawaiian luau party ideas will help you to bring this atmosphere to your backyard. A luau is actually a feast in Hawaii.

How to Start Balloon Modelling for Children’s Parties

Balloon modelling is something that anybody can do whatever their age and it is also a very cheap hobby. Unlike some hobbies all you need are a few modelling balloons and a bit of know how and you too can be an expert balloon modeller. Balloon modelling is getting more and more popular and it can often be seen in practise at children’s birthday parties where the children’s party entertainer will do some magic and then show his or her skills at making balloon animals for the children.

Baby Shower Ideas Like Diaper Cakes

Baby showers can include some really fun and creative ideas that do not have to be expensive or bought from a mall or specialty store. Some of the ideas are easy enough to make yourself and yet will look really good when finished. A very popular baby shower gift is the gift basket and these are great but do not require much in the way of forethought or imagination. If you want to give a gift that will keep on giving and be a conversation piece as well the baby diaper cake is just what you need.

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