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Throw An Awesome Birthday Party With Some Flashing Light Swords

Flashing light swords are great fun for birthday parties. Find out more here.

Great Easter Party Games for Kids

Easter is fast approaching and if you are planning on having a birthday party for your Child over the Easter holiday or throwing an Easter Party, here are some Top 10 ideas for games to play at the party whether it’s indoors or outdoors: 1. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt – There are many different ways you can do this either outdoors or indoors. You can hide chocolate eggs, decorated eggs, plastic eggs, anything you wish!

Party Hats – To Buy Them Or Not

Party hats have been around since, well, parties have been around. But for many people they seem like an outdated and out of style practice. While this can be true in some circles and situations, I would like to take a few moments in this article to give you a few things to consider as you decide whether or not this event component is the right thing for your soiree.

Party Hats – More Than Just Party Favors

For a long time, party hats have just been seen as cheap, flimsy party favors that people can take home and discard as soon as possible. But times are beginning to change. In this article I want to share with you three ways that the hats you use for your party or event can really spice things up and make your next soiree an evening to remember.

Why Every Mom Should Create an Online Birthday Wish List for Her Child’s Birthday Party

You have a lot of birthday party planning to do before your child can make a wish and blow out the candles on his birthday cake. Fulfill your child’s birthday wish list by finding the perfect party venue and theme. Invite friends and family, arrange for a yummy birthday cake and make sure every decoration is hung to perfection. In the midst of planning the party, remember to come up with a gift idea for your little one. Sure he’s going to love the party, but his eyes will surely light up when he sees his gifts. Best of all, you can share this list with family and friends who plan to attend the party with a present.

Lighting Tips for a Fun House Party

If you are planning on throwing a party at home, you have to prepare the food, the music and the place. The area has to have that party ambiance. You need to decorate the place according to the type of party that you want to have. Most of all, light up the room based on how fun you want the party to be.

Party Time – Company Style

Every year, at least one or two occasions merit a company party. An annual holiday bash is traditional for many offices. A company party can be a great way to engage with your employees and to acknowledge them for their hard work. The following steps will help to make a successful party and prevent any undesirable party mishaps.

The Difference Between a Traditional and Clearspan Marquee

Marquee hire generally consists of two different styles. These are traditional and clearspan and this article attempts to address the differences between the two.

Simple, Low Cost Reunion Party Ideas

While most reunions are full of memories already, it’s never too late to add a bit more affordable fun to your reunion party. Here are a few low cost ideas for making a simple reunion with big memories.

First Birthday Party Ideas For Baby Girls

As parents we want the very best for our children. And our children turning 1 years old is one of the most significant event in our little girl’s life. We want them to cherish and treasure this event when they look back later in life.

Why Children’s Play Centre’s Are the Most Awesome Venue For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

If you are looking for a stress free, fun filled day then consider hosting your kid’s birthday party at a children’s play centre. They are awesome venues for both adults and kids and guarantee you a day where you can wipe your hands free from all the hassle that goes with having a party at your own home.

Halloween Party Ideas Using Princess and the Frog Party Supplies

Does your little girl want to have a Halloween party this year? Does she love The Princess and the Frog? Here are some ideas for your Princess and the Frog party.

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