Donut Party Ideas + Cupcake + DIY Decorations!! (Girls Birthday Party)

The Best Daytime Hen Party Activities for a Hen Weekend

Anyone tasked with planning for a bride-to-be’s hen do will have to make the decision to have a simple hen party or a hen weekend. Both will have their own set of pros and cons, but more recently, hen weekends have been the preferred choice.

Let a Professional Host Your Child’s Birthday Party

Planning, putting together, and hosting your child’s birthday party on your own can seem like an easy task. However, it may be more stressful than you think.

Chocolate Fountain Proper Maintenance

A chocolate fountain can really add fun and excitement to any party. Guests, both young and old will surely enjoy it as you serve with a variety of treats. So, to extend the life of our chocolate fountain unit, you need to know how to operate it properly, when and how to replace the wear-and-tear parts.

5 Reasons Class Reunion Favors Are A Must For Your High School Reunion Party

How important are class reunion favors? Are they really necessary? Well, if you’re working hard to make your reunion all it can be; then, yes. You wouldn’t skip the invitations, food, music, photos or decorations for your party. Then don’t forget these under-rated, yet meaningful little giveaways. Here’s why:

Ways to Make Sure That Hen Party Is Fabulous

Planning for that hen party can be a difficult task for someone who has never planned for one or been to one. However, the maid of honor’s duties will always be the maid of honor’s duties and part of that will be to plan for the bride-to-be’s hen do.

Creative Hens’ Night Party Ideas for Adult Fun and Food

Make haste and prepare for a raunchy and rowdy bachelorette party before the bride-to-be says “I Do!” Take note of these Hens’ Night party ideas for the food and adult entertainment to keep the girls occupied throughout the night.

Two Classic Games for Children’s Parties

Learn more about two classic party games for kids: the Piñata and the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. While the former came from the Mexicans, the latter is an import from the British who loved to play the parlor game during the holidays and at dinner parties since the Victorian times.

Fun Options for Balloon Shapes in Parties

Take two or three different balloon shapes with you when you decorate the party venue. Kids love to see foil and latex balloons made into various animals or their favorite cartoon characters. Adults prefer pearlized or metallic balloons on display at the event.

Party Ideas for a Cinco De Mayo Theme

Find out what party ideas you can put together for a Cinco de Mayo themed celebration. Get started on decors and centerpieces that look like red chilies and cactus plants made from cardboard cutouts and a honeycomb base made of red and yellow Japanese paper.

How to Set Up the Perfect Ballerina Party!

Are you stuck for inspiration setting up your next ballerina party? Here are some tips and tricks for what worked well and not so well when our wee princess had her ballerina party!

Set the Tone For a Great Party

Today I’d like to talk about some common things people overlook when hosting parties. Partying is very important both as a social activity and as a way to enjoy ourselves. Combining having a good time with socializing, what could be better?

How to Throw a Home Spa-Themed Birthday Party

Celebrating your birthday with a fresh, original theme is a great idea. Throw a Home Spa Birthday Party using skin care natural products and ingredients and see how your friends enjoy such a novel party idea.

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