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5 Great Costume Parties That Aren’t Halloween

Why does everyone wait until Halloween to dress up? Pick a theme and let’s have a party! Read more…

A DIY Fourth of July Party

With the Fourth of July celebrations just around the corner, have you gotten ready with your party plans? Let us give you some DIY suggestions that’ll help you maximize your resources.

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations to Make the Party a Roaring Success

Dinosaurs are depicted as evil creatures in the Hollywood movies. In spite of that they are still loved by the kids because they are fascinated by these huge animals that have been extinct for millions of years. Cartoons and animated TV shows feature friendly dinosaurs too. These friendly dinosaurs have a funny appeal to the kids. Hence hosting a dinosaur birthday party with dinosaur birthday invitations to invite the guests is a good option.

Graduation Decorations Ideas

Summertime marks the end of the school year and the beginning of graduation party season. If your child is graduating from high school, you will find ideas for all types of decorations, from centerpieces to tableware.

Laser Engraved Pens for Special Event Favors

A laser engraved pen is a pen that sends the message of professionalism and quality and is very suited for special event favors. When a pen is engraved using laser technology, it means that the engraving will never wear off and will be permanently kept in the minds of the recipient. This is because the laser engraving process offers a permanent impression on your personalized pen guaranteeing appropriate exhibition of your brand through the imprint throughout the lifetime of the pen.

A Children’s Pizza Party

What better time than summer vacation to get the neighborhood kids together and have a cooking lesson disguised as a pizza party. Children love to get their hands into the food and they love pizza. Those that don’t love pizza will probably love it by the time they get finished making it. It has been my experience that even children who say they don’t like a certain food (or think they don’t like a certain food) will find that if they make it themselves, all of the sudden it tastes good.

Coming Up With Original Wording for a Birthday Invite

The invitation is the first aspect of the party that a guest will get acquainted with. Because it has to enchant its reader, the invitation should be drafted extra-carefully. Apart from containing all the useful information, the wording should provide hints about the type of birthday party to be held.

How to Organise Your 4th July Party Without Any Pain!

Planning on a 4th July Party this year, but still haven’t planned oi organized it? Here are my tips for a smooth and fun party!

How to Make Your Own Invitations

Having a party? Not sure what you want the invitations to look like? Getting the invitations just right is the first step in planning a perfect party. The best way to get personal, cost-effective, great-looking invitations is to make them on your own. These easy steps will help guide you to creating the perfect homemade invitation!

Top Creative Party Theme Ideas for Kids

Fun ideas for parents who are looking for creative party theme ideas for their child’s birthday party. These ideas feature popular trends and unique, out if the box party theme ideas. Great resource for parents trying to discover the perfect party theme for their child.

Board Games That Are Good for Playing at Parties

These classic, fun board games will provide tons of entertainment at your next party, whether it be for family, friends, kids, or adults. Check out these board games that are good for playing at parties.

Party Games on a Budget

You’re hosting a party but don’t want to break the budget on entertaining. Here are four classic party games that will work for any budget.

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