Tips For Hosting Children’s Birthday Parties

Hosting a children’s birthday party is not for the faint at heart. Things get hairy when children outnumber adults, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible. Here are a few tips to keep the birthday party moving smoothly.

Entertaining In a Loft or Condo

Just because you live in a loft or condo does not mean you cannot entertain guests. But some people believe that to be true, and cite limited space, lack of parking or fear of disturbing their neighbors as reasons why they don’t entertain. The bottom line is this: If you live in a condo or loft and want to entertain, there is no reason why you cannot. You can throw a successful party by keeping a few things in mind.

How To Host An Outdoor Birthday Party For Your Child

A child’s birthday party can be a boisterous event. Many parents and party-planners prefer to keep in-home cleanup to a minimum by hosting an outdoor event. Party planners considering this approach, should be sure to plan carefully in order to circumvent the sometimes unpredictable nature of outdoor events. When making the decision to hold all or part of a gathering outdoors, hosts should consider how they will use the space available to them. Will all or part of the party be held outdoors? Is there adequate space for seating as well as games? If seating will be outdoors, will additional card or picnic tables be required? How much space will be required for the game or play area?

Getting Creative With Birthday Cakes

Ever since birthdays have been celebrated, there have been birthday cakes. The cake is the sweet part of the party that everyone looks forward to. Moreover, the cake is considered one of the defining parts of any party celebration. Having a creative cake will not only impress guests but it will also delight the taste buds. One of the more unique ideas for cakes is to transform the cake into the shape of the party’s theme. For example, if the party theme is under the sea, then perhaps having the cake in the shape of a fish would be appropriate. Having a uniquely shaped cake is just one of the many ways to individualize.

Crepe-Paper Streamers: A Low Cost, High-Impact Party Decoration

Crepe-paper streamers are a wonderful and inexpensive way to add fun and flair to your next birthday party. Streamers help to create a fun, festive atmosphere by visually transforming the ordinary into the extra ordinary. This allows your guests to really immerse themselves in the experience, and limits the opportunity for their minds to wander to outside things. Many feet of this versatile birthday decoration can often be purchased for as little as 99 cents.

Are Video Games Right For Your Child’s Birthday?

As video games continue to grow in popularity with children, many parents are finding themselves increasingly having to deal with the issue of whether or not to allow children to play video games at their children’s birthday parties. Should video games be included? The first consideration of course when weighing out the pros and cons of this argument should be given to the birthday child’s comfort. How do they feel about sharing their gaming equipment? Some children are naturally more comfortable with sharing their favorite possessions than other children, and the birthday person’s wishes should always be paramount in a decision of this kind.

The Four B’s of Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are fun but sometimes planning the party might seem a little stressful. You can make it easier on yourself if you follow a few basic guidelines to simplify the preparation process. Begin early.

Cost Effective Party Ideas for Kids

Every parent wants to make sure their child has the best birthday party each and every year. However, given the current economic downturn most parents don’t have the available money to fund a high priced party. Even with a small budget there are a variety of party ideas that can deliver on the promise of the “best party ever” without breaking the bank. For those in coastal communities the beach is one of the last great free or semi-free party venues left. With most beaches open to the public except for parking fees, which typically don’t exceed ten dollars, costs for this type of party location will definitely not eat up the budget.

Refreshments Are An Important Part Of Any Party

What type of beverages to offer may not be at the top of many party planning priority lists, but it is an important birthday party element none-the-less. Having something available to drink that is pleasant and comforting to your guests can go a long way towards creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and fun. When considering drink options, hosts must consider several factors including known allergies, the age range of the guests, budget, and how drinks will be stored and served.

Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday at School

Before you decide whether or not to celebrate at school, you must first determine if it will be allowed. In many cases, the final decision is made on a teacher-by-teacher basis, so the most direct way of ensuring that your child will be allowed to celebrate is to talk directly to the child’s teacher. Additionally, many teachers have very specific classroom policies on how they handle birthday activities in their room. Many times these guidelines are laid out in “classroom policy” packets handed out to parents at the start of the term. These may include what types of snacks are acceptable, extras that must be provided such as napkins and cups, or even how and when invitations to a private celebration may be handed out to classmates. Many teachers appreciate a few days notice so that they can set time aside for the class to share a birthday treat with your child. At this time, it is important to ask if there are any food allergies that need to be considered, and how many students are currently in the class.

Have Evites Killed The Paper Invitation?

The digital age has taken hold and one by one, the old staples of society have begun to fall by the way-side. Birthday party invites, the latest institution to come under attack from the electronic revolution, seem to be on the brink of extinction. Naturally there will never come a time when society will do away with the party invite, however, the delivery method for these notifications continues to evolve. With virtually no negative qualities, the electronic invite has improved upon the antiquated system of mailing out paper party announcements, making it the best system for party planners. While still providing the thrill of receiving an invitation to an upcoming party, the electronic invite allows both the sender and recipient to communicate without any cost or constraints, i.e. unreliable mail, wrong addresses, etc.

Planning a Princess Party

Planning a party for a young girl can prove to be quite the task for any mother. Sometimes selecting a theme can be one of the biggest obstacles. For those mothers running low on creative juice, planning a princess themed birthday party for your little princess can be quite easy and affordable. Invitations are one of the first tasks to be completed for any celebration. For a princess themed party, the invitations can be royally styled. Instead of just naming the invitee, add a surname to it. Depending on the gender, the surname could be Princess or Prince. Adding this to the mailing address on the envelope is also a nice touch. Designing cards with tiaras and princesses can be easily done through online programs or simply by hand. For the boy invitees, try to incorporate dragons, princes, crowns, and castles on their invitations.

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