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Great Ideas for a Ballerina Party

There are many Ballerina design invitations you can buy or you can try and be different and make your own. Write out the party details on a piece of pink or white paper then roll it up and tie with a pink ribbon.

How to Choose the Best Plus Size Evening Dresses To Suit Your Style

Are you anxious about the next party as you have no idea about how to choose a plus size evening dress to suit you? A lot of plus size dresses look gorgeous on the mannequins or models in the magazines, but when you try them on it looks like totally a different dress. That means you need to think about your figure, and what style suit you best.

Morphsuits – Running Wild in the Streets

A group of six of my friends and I decided to run a 5k every first Saturday night of each month. Since we started this tradition seven months ago, we’ve gotten a following of about 20 runners per run.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Party Ideas

With the new Kung Fu Panda 2 movie being released on May 26, 2011, this will be a popular theme for a party planned for this summer or fall. It will be the perfect theme for a birthday party for a girl, boy, or even a toddler. The Kung Fu Panda is so funny and cute! Invite a few friends to attend the movie with your child and have a party after the movie… maybe even a sleepover! Below are a few ideas for your party decorations, activities, food, and dessert.

Interactive Games And Attractions For The Family

Families need recreation. It is a way to strengthen common bonds and have shared experiences in a fun atmosphere when the worries of life get shelved for some enjoyment.

Delight To Power Play Birthday Party Ideas

Parties, as children become more twenty-first century and sophisticated are growing more complex. That’s why parents need power play birthday party ideas, because sitting around with hats playing pin the tail on the donkey just may not cut it any more.

Cheap Costume Innovations for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most important events in a year. You will notice that a lot of people are preparing for this event. They even get crazy wearing their gorgeous Halloween costumes, most especially the kids, for their traditional yearly “trick or treat”.

Memories of My Senior Prom

Are you looking for prom ideas for your senior prom? My prom was a masquerade themed prom and it was one of the best nights of my life! Read more…

Autumn and Winter Birthday Party Ideas

When planning a party for the cooler months, you should have a back up plan in case the weather prohibits you from following through with your original ideas. Celebrations in autumn can often be held outside if the guests know in advance that there will be outdoor activities and they need to dress warmly. If you happen to have a firepit or outdoor fireplace, this will make it even easier to arrange an outdoor celebration. You could have a nostalgic party roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over a fire. Bobbing for apples has remained a favorite party activity for many years. Young children might also enjoy games such as a ring toss over the stem of a large pumpkin or a pumpkin seed spitting or tossing contest. An old fashioned sack race would also tie into the nostalgic theme.

Throwing a Birthday Party for Someone in the Hospital

When someone is in the hospital on their birthday, it can be a tough situation for the person. They may be feeling depressed or lonely when thinking about their upcoming birthday. Thankfully, there are many ways to bring cheer into this loved one’s life by throwing them a birthday party in their hospital room.

How To Plan An Over The Hill Birthday Party

When it comes to an over the hill birthday party, nothing is quite as fun as planning the event. It is important to capture the hilarity of someone turning at least 40 years old. The over the hill birthday can also certainly be arranged for someone well over that age.

Spring and Summer Outdoor Party Ideas

The spring and summer months make party planning easy. In most cases, you can have the party outdoors. This gives you more space for kids to run and play. An outdoor party lessens the amount of clean up required after the party is over. There’s less stress and concern over food and drinks being spilled inside. But, perhaps the best thing about having a party in spring and summer is the variety of outdoor games the children can enjoy. Outdoor games for children ages 2 to 5 should be kept simple and be designed so that they are more fun than competitive. Group activities are ideal.

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