The Ultimate Messy Birthday Party

Bachelorette Party Venues in Cape Town

Cape Town is home to a large number of venues ideal for celebrating bachelorette parties. Whether you choose a more sedate day with the girls or a wild night out, there is no shortage of options available. Cape Town is world-renowned as a party town and boasts the best restaurants, pubs and clubs in the country.

How to Choose a Party Tent

Have you and your future groom decided on getting a marquee hire for your wedding? You must already be thinking about which marquee hire to choose for your wedding. You must be very careful about choosing a marquee hire supplier.

A 1920s Band the Perfect Choice for Themed Event

A 1920s band is the ideal entertainment when you want to create an energetic feel to your party. The 1920s was a time for decadent fun and recapturing that feeling at your party is excellent. The style of music available in this era was bouncy, humorous and full of energy.

How to Play Together and Stay Together (PTST): 5 Strategies for Reunions

This article discusses five (5) strategies to build, strengthen and maintain the relationships through recreation, play and leisure. It mainly focuses on reunion, class and or family reunions. It’s premise is that one must play together in order to stay together as a group. It outlines in steps how to reach this connected outcome.

The Top Children’s Party Songs

If you’re holding children’s party you’ve got to have music and songs. A party without music would be boring and lifeless. But what songs can you play at your child’s party?

Birthday Balloons S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Birthday balloons literally stretch, making just about any shape, creature, or message you can imagine. But they also stretch figuratively, expanding your budget, animating your theme, adding colour and texture to your decor, and building the spirit of your celebration.

Say Happy Birthday With a Smile and a Bunch of Balloons!

Remember those birthday parties you had when you were young? Maybe there were a few kids and maybe dozens! Each child who attended had fun and enjoyed many pleasant memories because they went to your party.

Birthday Kids Deserve Big Bold Beautiful Balloons!

Children always get excited over party balloons and birthdays are the perfect time to celebrate with a big batch of them in bright colours and a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Modern balloons come in a wide assortment of materials from Mylar to nylon or latex, polychloroprene, rubber, and even metal.

Excellent Outdoor Party Tips: Planning As Well As Starting A Party

Are you intending to have an outdoor party? If yes, luckily, we have arranged numerous useful as well as fantastic party guidelines for you to take note of when it comes to arranging an outdoor party for your friends and family: 1. Evaluate the the weather.

Morphsuits – A Look At A New Fancy Dress Trend For The Fit, Foolhardy Or Fun Loving

This article is all about the new fashion trend in fancy dress. An increasing popular costume, Morphsuits are for the fit, foolhardy and fun loving.

Five Fantastic Christmas Games for Groups

Christmas games for groups are so much fun. Here are five fantastic games for groups to make your next Christmas party even more fun.

Western Party – An Authentic Western Party Can Be A Blast

Hosting a Western Party can be an ideal, fun get together with family and friends this summer. There are many different themes from which to choose: a classic hoedown, simple BBQ, or an upscale denim and diamonds affair are all excellent choices for your party.

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