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Birthday Celebration – International

Cakes, candles, presents and decorations are the staple for birthday parties in the U.S. and other places. Sometimes the parties have themes such as cartoon characters for children and luau for adults. If this format is getting boring, especially for older children and adults, there are other options for celebrating birthdays that are fun and show the love we feel for the birthday person. All over the world people celebrate the birth of their friends and family members, and organizing a party based on other customs would be something unique. Of course, it should be known in advance if the person would appreciate something different, but there are many options from which to choose. The following are a few international customs that will make any party exceptional.

The First Birthday Party

The first birthday is a real milestone for the parents. The baby will not remember the day, but when they get older they will want to see the photos and video and appreciate how much care their parents took to make them happy. There are three main possibilities for celebrating the first birthday. It can be a small family affair with all the decorations, cake and singing, it can include other children, of any age, especially relatives, or it can be a huge celebration for adults as well as children. Whichever it is, the baby’s part should be short and sweets. Babies may be frightened from the loud sounds of bursting balloons or party poppers. Simple songs on a CD in the background are the best sound effect. Babies love to see the burning candle, but they often want to grab it, so make sure it is blown out before the fingers get too close. If the gifts are individually wrapped, baby will need help opening them and may get distracted by the wrapping paper and ignore the gift.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Candles

Sixteen is traditionally celebrated for girls in the US and is more a social function than a coming-of-age party. Sixteen year old girls feel very mature and will want to participate in any plans for a party. The first step is to let her decide what kind of party she wants. The party will need to fit into a budget and may depend on the home situation. If there is a large backyard and good weather, a great party could be organized at home. If not, a venue needs to be chosen. For an at home party, several things need to be considered. How many guests to invite, will it have a theme, what kind of food to serve and the music. The birthday girl will have her opinion about all of these and the parents will need to make it possible. Food is a main attraction especially for boys, so decide on how much food is needed and get more. The house should be arranged to accommodate the party. Move some furniture around so there is room for dancing and create groups of chairs where friends can sit and talk.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

When the party is over and it is time to clear up, it is easy to see if the party was green or not. Having a huge amount of plastic waste at the end of a party is not eco-friendly. It just means more landfill. Leaving a small carbon footprint is a good feeling and good for the environment. There are some tips to remember when planning a party to make it as green as possible. Recycled paper is a good place to start. The invitations can be made from scrap paper that has been saved from previous birthday parties and craft projects. Making the invitations could be great fun for a group of friends and each one would be unique. Invitations can also be sent by email if the party is for an older child or an adult, but young children love to get party invitations, and they can be green too.

Alternative Birthday Party Ideas for Shy Children

Not every child has a gaggle of friends. Shy children, especially, may only have one or two friends with which they feel safe and close. So, inviting a bunch of acquaintances to a birthday party may not be very fun for the child or the guests. Here are some alternative celebration ideas for the shy child and their best friend or friends.

How To Throw an Awesome Party – Top 10 Tips

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the most awesome parties seem to unfold naturally and effortlessly, but the key is careful planning and preparation long before the first guest arrives. Many hosts develop this skill with years of experience, but with our top 10 secrets to awesome parties, you can host an exceptional party next week!

Planning for a Birthday Celebration for a Seriously Ill Child

While a child with the flu may just want to reschedule, children afflicted by cancer, leukemia, or other serious illness may still want to host a party. While some parents may balk at the idea, allowing the child’s illness to curtail even a modest birthday party can increase the child’s sense of alienation from their peers. As long as the child’s doctor thinks it will be okay, having a few guests over should be fine. So what kind of parties are good for this situation? A small party is best, especially if the celebrating girl or boy has a compromised immune system. The guests’ parents should be spoken to beforehand so that the guests understand any rules about hand-washing or mask-wearing that will be expected. The child’s few closest friends will be plenty.

Avoiding Allergic Reactions at Birthday Parties

With the plethora of allergies children can suffer from, it seems almost impossible to avoid using allergens at a birthday party. While gluten, egg, and dairy allergies usually result in severe upset stomachs if ingested, peanuts and strawberries are far worse culprits. With strawberries and nuts allergies, even the exhaled oils from another child chewing them can cause the allergic person’s airway to swell closed. Luckily, there are ways to substitute both of these foods without sacrificing flavor. Strawberries are a fairly common allergy in children. Omit them from fruit salads, and substitute peach or grape jams in sandwiches. Although it isn’t understood why, very few people are allergic to peaches or grapes. Avoid Neapolitan ice cream altogether. The strawberry ice cream mixed in with the vanilla and chocolate, even in minute quantities, can still cause a violent allergic reaction. Read the ingredients of any canned fruit salad, fruit drinks, or granola carefully. Even trace amounts of strawberries or their juices can set off an allergy attack.

Plan a Tent Party for Outdoor Birthday Fun

If a child’s birthday falls during the spring or summer months, throwing a tent party can incorporate the great outdoors into the fun. Not to mention, having the kids outside will save the house from damages. The tents can be set up for a variety of uses, such as eating, constructing a take-home craft, or housing games for the children to play. To get started, call around to friends and family in the area, especially those who enjoy camping or hunting. Many people have large family-sized tents in their garages that they would be more than happy to lend. Smaller tents also work for shade, if there isn’t much tree cover in the party area.

Safety Planning for a Birthday Pool Party

Whether utilizing a reserved public pool or a backyard pool, swimming birthday parties are quite popular. However, there are safety precautions to keep in mind and have in place to ensure that everyone at the party goes home safe and sound. Designate a lifeguard if one is not provided by the pool. There have been several cases where children have floated unconscious in pools surrounded by adults who could swim. No one was paying attention. There should always been an adult who can swim keeping a close eye on the kids in the water. The lifeguard adult should also not be having any alcohol.

Considerations for an Overnight Birthday Party

In areas where sleep-overs are commonplace, some children may ask to have an overnight birthday party instead of the traditional daylight party. If the parents are amenable to this idea, there are several considerations to thinks about before agreeing and preparing the invites. The gender of the guests may cause anxiety for some parents. Even with younger children, parents may feel it’s inappropriate for little girls to stay over at their son’s party. If it’s a two-parent household, this issue can be worked out by having the mother watching over the little girls in the den or living room while the little boys bed down in the master bedroom or the child’s room. If a sleepover is going to be for both genders, be sure the other children’s parents know this and are aware of the hosts’ accommodation plans. If the sleepover portion is for one gender only, allow time for the opposite gender friends to come over the preceding evening for cake, ice cream, and gifts. This way, no one is left out.

Making a Birthday Special for Twins

While a mother who has had twins just feels doubly blessed, twins often become resentful of having to share their birthday with their sibling. After all, the day of their birth is supposed to make them feel special! It’s hard to feel special when forced to share the day with someone else each and every year. Here are a few inventive ways to avoid sibling rivalry and resentment among twins at their party. Is it possible to throw two smaller celebrations? Some parents allow their twins to each have their own celebration during the month of their birth. This is especially helpful if the twins are opposite genders, have very different personalities, or have wildly different groups of friends. However, for families where friends or relatives have to come in from out of town for the celebration, this quick fix might not be possible. Tight finances may also make it inadvisable.

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