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How to Create a Pirate Party for Children

When children’s party time rolls around again it can be difficult to think of an alternative to the usual games of pass the parcel and blind man’s bluff. Far more interesting and novel is an exciting pirate party which can be achieved much more easily than you might think.

How to Make a Knight-Party for Children

Children love stories of knights, maidens and dragons. So why not organize the next birthday party with this theme in mind? The boys can be knights and the girls can be princesses or maidens – this theme works very well for mixed birthday parties.

How To Create A Harry Potter Party For Children

When your child has a birthday it is natural for them to want to invite their friends to a party to help them to celebrate the occasion. But the prospect of organizing a child’s birthday party every year can be a very challenging prospect for parents. The same old chocolate cake with the same old party games can prove to be very dreary for children. So why not let them breathe in a little of the Hogwarts magic and let them celebrate Harry Potter style.

How To Create A Cowboy Party For Children

As we all know children love the world of cowboys. What little boy can resist the opportunity to dress up as a cowboy, in a hat, neckerchief and designer stubble? But girls can be just as enthusiastic on account of the exciting horses associated with the Wild West. So why not organize the next children’s birthday party in a traditional Wild Western style?

80’s Costume Ideas: Hairstyles

A list of different hairstyles from the 80’s. This can be a great resource for styling your hair up for 80’s inspired parties.

Top 5 Raclette Dinner Parties

A raclette Party is never ending fun. It saves you money, it brings people together and it is always a unique way of cooking for you, your friends and family. Here are 5 top raclette dinner parties….

80’s Costume Ideas: T-Shirts

Band shirts were a popular wear back in the 80’s. This kind of shirts are still hot until now.

80’s Costume Ideas: Goth

Goth costume is inspired by a lot of metal rock bands back in the 80’s. Up until now this style of clothing is very popular.

Hawaiian Luau Party – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose This Theme For Your Next Celebration

Are you looking for a fun idea for your next big celebration? Why not make it a Hawaiian luau theme? Here are the top ten reasons you should consider this festive tropical gathering for your next party.

Throw a Theme Based Birthday Party for Your Daughter

What is a better way to provide your child with a lifetime of memories? Throwing at theme based birthday party will surely provide your child with years of memories.

Open Party Planning Creativity With Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers and Baby Shower Lollipops

Getting stuck in a rut about what gifts to get for your parties can be time consuming and literally frustrating. Ok, this goes out to those who plan parties and know exactly what I am talking about. It’s not easy either to find the perfect favors for your guests especially when there will be a mixed gender involved or mixed ages in the bash.

Guide to Choosing Wedding Flowers

A few simple questions to ask when planning to buy flowers for your wedding. How to get the freshest, most beautiful flowers delivered locally to your wedding.

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