Twinkle Star Girl 1st Birthday Party Decorations Ideas | DIY Twinkle Twinkle Theme Party Decor

The Economy Sucks! Let’s Have a Margarita Party!

The Economy Going Down the Toilet! Let’s have a Margarita Party! Yep the economy sucks, unemployment (if you measure everyone) is over 17% and prices are rising. So what’s a person to do? Throw a Margarita Party and think of it as an act of defiance against a situation over which you have no control. You can make this saying your new mantra “When times get tough, the tough party.”

Are Banquet Hall Selections Tricky?

Picking the right banquet hall can be undeniably tricky. There is often a wide field to choose from, all providing different venues and different experiences to go with them. The right choice can lead to a party guests speak of for months afterwards, the wrong choice leaving a sour taste that lasts just as long.

Party Ideas

People have parties for different reasons. My parties are meant to let my friends and family know that I appreciate them, and their company. So, I try to do something new and exciting as often as I can.

3 Unique Party Themes You Haven’t Seen Elsewhere

Throwing a great party isn’t as easy as most people think. With so many things that you have to think about and do during the preparation stage, you will be overwhelmed and even get tired at some point.

The Family Reunion

Time Heals All Wounds, We Can Only Hope: Well, the invitations are now out; they look like a hospital menu. Mark – X – for your preference of location, food and games. Standard insurance waiver as always, included.

Arrange the Best Anime Parties for Birthdays

Are you fond of anime creations? These days you have so many things with the help of which you can make your parties more attractive especially for the children.

Unique Seating Cards Add A Touch Of Class To Your Event

Everyone enjoys going to a great party. And part of giving a great party means great planning. If you’re going to be giving a party of any size, you’ll want to send out invitations and have some kind of RSVP included so you’ll know how many guests you’ll have.

Popular Animal Themes for Parties, Decorating, and Designs

Parties give people a chance to let out their wild side. What better way to celebrate that than with a profusion of animal prints?

What Makes a Special Event Look Professional Vs Tacky?

Are you wondering what makes a special event look professional vs. tacky? If so, this article will shed some light on the subject and help you achieve a professional look for your special event. We will discuss color choice, unity of decor and richness of materials.

How to Make a Treasure Hunt Game: Learn to Write and Create Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids!

Learn how to write fun rhyming treasure hunt clues for kids and teens. You can make your own custom treasure hunt game by following 6 simple steps for creating this great low cost party game that your children are sure to love!

Planning A Company Picnic or Outdoor Kids Birthday Party or Event? Tips to Remember!

This post is to give you tips and things to remember when planning an outdoor party or event. This is not an all purpose “How To” article, it’s about some things I haven’t seen mentioned on other articles, but may lead to a much better event and prevent major headaches.

The Best Stag Do in London Ever

I recently was the best man at a wedding and what I thought would be a lot of fun turned out to be quite a challenge in organising the stag do. I ended up hosting a stag do in London which took a lot of time and effort to set up so I recount my days in making the best stag do party in London.

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