Leave the Party Cleanup to the Professionals

A life of partying is often enjoyable and exciting. Though the before, in between and after cleaning can often be the worst part about throwing a big bash. Why not investigate a business that does this task for you so you can kick back and relax while the professionals do the rest?

Birthday Parties for Dogs: 6 Tips for a Wagging Good Time

Americans take care of over 77 million dogs, and they are arguably the most pampered pooches around the world. Dog parties are the newest craze, with pet cake boutiques popping up around the country. Celebrate the life of a special friend with these tips for the best dog birthday party.

Birthday Traditions From Around the World

Birthdays, saints’ days, and developmental milestones are marked with celebrations throughout the world. Anyone who is tired of throwing the same old parties should consider using other traditions from the countries below: England: Happy birthday! Tell the future by baking several small items into a cake.

Cook Up A Creative Birthday Party

When a home economics teacher recently hosted a birthday party for her teenage daughter, she was expecting a request for a Jonas Brothers cake purchased from the local bakery. But daughter Katie had another, more creative, idea. Like many other teens, Katie wanted a party that was unique.

Crafts To Liven Up A Child’s Party

Kids love crafting, so it’s no surprise that crafting has become a popular children’s birthday party activity. Children’s crafts are typically inexpensive and cause less friction between party guests than games. Here are some popular crafts that little guests will love to take home as a parting gift.

What Type of Invitations Are Right For Your Child’s Birthday Party

The invitation is often the first notice that parents have that their child has been invited to a birthday party, and a good invitation not only communicates details clearly, but acts as a tiny preview of what guests can expect to experience at the event. There are many kinds of commercial invitations available on the market today, in an absolutely dizzying array of shapes and styles.

Throw An Amazing Party On a Budget

Throwing a great birthday party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Smart hosts use these tips to throw over-the-top parties at a fraction of the price. Know where and how to shop. For hosts throwing a party on a budget, dollar stores can often be a great source of party supplies and decorations from tablecloths and streamers to cups and cutlery. These items are of no appreciable quality difference, and spending extra on items destined for the waste receptacle makes little sense. For other items, watch for sales in the weeks leading up to the event. Stores often run sales on cake mixes and beverages, and the frugal party planner should be ready to take advantage of these. In lieu of waiting for a sale, store-brand items of comparable quality can often be purchased for a fraction of the price.

Planning a Sixteenth Birthday Celebration for a Teenage Girl

A girl’s sixteenth or eighteenth birthday is a memorable milestone. You can make that transition to young adulthood even more special by arranging a nostalgic birthday party for your teenage daughter. A celebration with long time friends and newly established friendships combined with memories of the past is an excellent way to mark this special occasion.

Five Tips For Planning an Engagement Party

An engagement party is one of the most exciting events of your life, besides your actually wedding day. For a really special party you can employ the help of a party hire company or you can plan the evening yourself. If you decide to do it yourself just make sure you leave plenty of time to organise it.

Teddy Bear Picnic For Girls

Little girls love dressing up and playing with stuffed animals, which is probably why the teddy bear picnic has become so popular over the last several years. In the year 2000, Jimmy Kennedy wrote a book titled “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic.” It was an instant classic, and girls worldwide began taking their favorite furry friends out for a day in the sun.

Everyone Loves A Balloon

Whether at an outside location or in the backyard, no celebration would be complete without some sort of festive decorations. From streamers to balloons, decorations have the ability to set moods and build up party themes. The old stand by in the world of birthday party decorations, paper streamers continue to be the lynchpin to dressing up any venue.

Planning the Perfect First Birthday

An exciting moment for both parents and grandparents alike, a child’s first birthday can be a momentous occasion. However, the excitement can lead some over eager parents to over plan the party, thus ruining the fun of this milestone event. Location is typically the most crucial component of any celebration and a first birthday party is no different. However, when searching for the right party spot, avoid a fancy venue and instead look no further than the backyard or a local park. Weather permitting, either location will provide both the space and atmosphere for a relaxed and intimate birthday celebration. Additionally, both of these venues come without any type of extra cost, thus helping to keep the overall party budget in check. Finally, keeping the locale close to home will aid in the more practical aspects including the transportation of everything from food to the mountain of presents.

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